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Split, Croatia
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Your ultimate guide to a fun-filled adventure in Sunny Split

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Tech Community 

Split Tech City is a community composed of well-intentioned and progressive companies, startups, associations, initiatives, institutions and individuals. Together we encourage and develop the IT sector of Split and the surrounding region.

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Beverages with added awesome functionality

They infuse beverages with Wild Chanterelle,  and organic - Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane and Chaga. And have been chosen as 1 in 8 of the most promising food tech startups in the world with happy customers all around the world. 

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Green Future brings together technology leaders, companies, institutions, policy makers, scientists and other stakeholders from the sustainable development sector.

These guys are making a big impact in Split, opening up new doors and creating opportunities for all the dreamers and doers out there. With their help, the future of Split is looking brighter than ever! So get ready to be inspired and join the movement!


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